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Splash page for a wedding planner

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Project overview:

‘Hitched’ is a wedding company based in the South West of England. The company was founded by a husband and wife team who have a strong reputation for creating innovative and exciting events. They provide a range of bespoke services for their clients from unique outdoor venues to independent caters specially selected from the UK.

The client would like to commission a designer to create and build a splash page for couples to use as an online invitation for their guests. They would like you to design a homepage which should include details of the wedding day such as how to get there, key timings and contact information. For this design you could choose to go down a photographic or illustrative approach. Start by researching various styles that could be used such as bespoke lettering or illustrative icons. Be inventive and have fun! You could also consider going for a typographic approach for the lettering. The choice is up to you!

This brief is to create a splash page for couples to use to invite their guests and announce their big day, so remember to keep the key information nice and simple. The client is looking to see an initial template which could be used to build up a larger website and brand identity, so aim to really push your designs and showcase your creative skills to the client!

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