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UI theme design for a weather app

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  • Est. completion time: 3 days

Project overview:

This app will be tailored specifically for smartphone devices and must include all of the relevant information for users to quickly and easily check the daily weather forecast. This is a great opportunity to mix illustration with icon design, layout and digital design. There’s a lot of room for interpretation here but as always, a great way to start is by looking at other existing weather apps. How do they lay out the information? What kind of icons, colours and patterns do they use to portray certain weather conditions? How can you make your design more legible and more unique?

Remember, this design needs to be clear and concise and visible in a hand-held device, so the less clutter the better. Think simple icons, large sans serif typography, large feature elements and numbers such as the temperature, the area and the day of the week. You can start to create a theme by playing around with complimentary typefaces, icon illustrations and colour palettes. Once you’re happy with a collection of consistent elements, you can begin to start laying them out on a page compatible with your chosen smartphone device (these screen resolution sizes can be found online).

Have fun with this one but remember to keep it simple, this information needs to be clear and concise at a quick glance. Also, as you’ll have noticed, flat design is still trending with many smartphone and app suppliers, so you may want to bare that in mind while designing your app.

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Deliverables required

  • 1 main page design (to establish app time)
  • A full set of weather icons to suit all conditions
  • 3 additional page layouts for alternative weather conditions
  • Remember if multiple deliverables are required you can add attachments to your submissions when you have completed the brief.

Timescales and deadlines

As we’re not creating the whole app, or even all of the page designs for the app, this should only take around two days. We just want to see the main theme page design here, to set the styling. The additional deliverables will take some extra time but you should be taking no more then a full week design time with these included.

Our approach

We’ve gone for a simple layout here with a few colourful illustrative details. We’ve used a complimentary colour scheme to represent the changes to the weather during the week and we used a smart, modern typeface to complement the simple, illustrative elements.

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WH Wesley Haris PREMIUM
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