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Packaging designs for an artisan chocolatier

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Project overview:

A small, start-up artisan chocolate company called ‘Cocoloco’ is looking for a number of talented graphic designers and illustrators to style their first packaging range to coincide with the launch of their delicious ‘bean to bar’ product range. They are looking for the designs to be striking, modern and inspired by the countries that the cocoa originates from (you can use this to inspire the illustrations you create).

Their products are a unique range of chocolate bars selected from around the world and carefully packaged in their warehouse set-up back at home in the UK. Their core audience is young professionals and their products would be aimed at the luxury end of the food market, in high-end delis, gift shops and gourmet food fairs. They would like to see an initial packaging design for one of their chocolate bars which could potentially be applied to a larger range of products (if they like what they see!)

To complete the brief, the client would like you to create a packaging design which includes their company name. Think about how you could make your designs stand out from the crowd and from the other competitors in the high-end food market – choose a country that the cocoa could have come from to get you started on this one.

Remember, the client would like to see a modern, innovative design so think outside the box. To complete the brief, mockup your packaging design on a chocolate bar and upload your artwork to Briefbox. We’re looking forward to seeing your designs!

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RC Roxanne Caruana PREMIUM
Cristina Gonzalez PREMIUM
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AN Adam Nagy
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Jose Mendoza
MK Magda Kowal
Cecilia Nonis
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GM Greta Mcilraith
GM Greta Mcilraith
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IP Indigo PM
AB Arianna Bollers PREMIUM
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AG Aletia Greyling
Oliver Gomez
EK e k
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TO Tom
EC Ela Chwistek
James Duncan
AW Angela Willis
ED Ethan Duller
SB Shanice Budraj
SV Shelley Viljoen
Paige Williams
Alexis Tarwater
IO Imogen O'Brien
Hasanah Mahmud
MA Madelaine Aguilo
FM Fawn Martz
FM Fawn Martz
Natalie Cowan
benny saiz
Jacob Morr
Chloe Chapman
HL Hyreizl Love
Gabriel Campos
Candice Evers PREMIUM
Joe Nuttall
SE Simon Evans
DW Deanna Watkins
KU King Uranta
Kay Lee
MN Michael Newton
Natalia Meijome
Rebecca Graves PREMIUM
Jessica Long
Martin Mekushin
JD Joseph Dunleavy
LS Lauren Segal
Alex Horst
Anna Osborne
MR Mabs Rahman
HF Hannah Fofana
LO Lizzie Owen
AS Alex Scaife
Designerd .
BL benita lines
HN Hannah Nichols PREMIUM
KS Kanel Suos
Brittany French
Brittany French
Brittany French
AM Anita McBride
Fab A
AF Ashley Fenlon
MP Muffin P
Zainul Alfan
KD Kristel Dimalanta
Tanya Efremova
LR luke remon
PS Prasanna Kumar D S
PS Prasanna Kumar D S
PS Prasanna Kumar D S
PS Prasanna Kumar D S
PS Prasanna Kumar D S
Jessica Long
OD Ollie Dare
MC Mikayla Carter
Clarke Sanders
MC Marc Comiskey
Jessica Hankinson
Simply K
Simply K
Simply K
TH Tina Homewood
AL Alan
Jen Harper
Marie Stridh
VC Vivian Ciudad
KL Kadison Leaphart
Selena Isildar
GR Gabriela Rivas
KK Kimberley Kirk
JK John Kilian
Tina Remiz
Melissa Kitty
DD Dakarai Daniel
MH Michael Hubbard
BH Becky Harrison
AN Andrzej
Sonja Sennott
DK Denzel Kachingwe
TS tyler sandoval
Reva Hunter PREMIUM
MA Mona Ahmed
Athalia Haywood
Gianluca Italiano PREMIUM
Todd Pitcher
Ja Feel
Adam Cottam
Samantha Cossum
SN sam nano
SN sam nano
PM Paolo Montecinos
Erica Gonnerman
AH Alice Hunt

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    My question is however, all these briefs are fictional right? Or are these for real clients?
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