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Honey label

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Project overview:

‘Henry’s Honey’ is a premium British company that pride themselves on producing luxury, organic honey; it’s the best quality stuff on the market today. They are looking for a passionate designer to create a brand new logo and label design that represents the high-end, pure honey that ‘Henry’s’ produce. The design will need to intrigue customers and stand out on the shelf. The client is really keen on keeping the label clean and modern, with a ‘less-is-more’ approach; only include essential elements.

Consider imagery and typography in your design. Maybe create a small illustration of a bee, a hive, or a field to represent the organic nature of the product. Experiment with different techniques in the design stage; try using paints, pens, inks and other materials to help give you a variety of textures and aesthetics to work with.

As this is a brand and label project, you’ll need to initially work on your main brand concept, before getting started with the label artwork. The client hasn’t specified what style of typography or which images you should use, and so you’ll need to experiment with plenty of concepts loosely and then 2 or 3 further; which is feeling best? After you have the brand nailed, start incorporating the brand into a strong, clean and easily digestible label design.

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Deliverables required

  • 1 final logo
  • Alternative version of the logo
  • Icon to represent the brand
  • Honey jar - label mock-up
  • Remember if multiple deliverables are required you can add attachments to your submissions when you have completed the brief.

Timescales and deadlines

Overall this project should take around eleven days to complete, which is a nice length of time so you have a chance to explore a few routes. We would advise spending the first two days working on moodboarding and some initial sketches. The rest of time can then be spent working on the branding for the company name and multiple label options. Remember, one of the deliverables here is to include a full mock-up of the honey jar. You’ll need to dedicate the time to ensure the client gets a good impression of how it will look once printed.

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