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Re-design gmail UI layout

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Project overview:

If you’re anything like us, you use Gmail, since it’s easily the best email platform going. The current design works well – it’s cleverly thought out – but now’s time to push yourself to re-make the user interface, with a real focus on great design.

Begin by thinking out your new design. Are you going to keep all elements in the same place? Are you going to hide certain elements on certain user interactions? Use the main inbox dashboard as your starting point for this brief. Begin experimenting with new typefaces, color palettes, and iconography to start building a sense of an overall style.

Once you have your style guide in place, begin experimenting with new layouts for both desktop, smartphones and tablets.  Remember that this is a personal development task. You have complete freedom with the direction you take this in – don’t feel you need to be restricted by existing layout – so have fun, get creative and come up with something fresh that you can sue to show potential clients your UI skills.

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