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About Briefbox

What is Briefbox?

Briefbox is an online learning tool for designers offering practice briefs, resources and tutorials to help designers to improve

How long has Briefbox been running?

Briefbox began as a simple blog in 2014

How does Briefbox help designers?

Briefbox helps designers by offering a realistic style of learning with practice briefs that emulate working for real clients with fast turnarounds

Signing Up & Signing In

I signed up for Briefbox but I didn’t receive the confirmation email

Your activation email may have been marked as spam by your email client – please check your spam box! If you still can’t find it, you can re-send your activation link on this page. All else fails, shoot us an email via info@briefbox.me and we’ll forward you your activation link.

I can’t remember my password after signing in. How do I reset it?

You can reset your password on the Forgot Password page.

I can't sign in after resetting my password

If you’re sure you’re entering your password correctly and have tried resetting it more than once, please get in touch with us via info@briefbox.me and we’ll do our best to get you logged in.

Can I change my username on Briefbox

Yes, you can change your username up to 5 times. Head to your Profile Editor, enter a new username for your account and click the green Update Profile button.

Accounts & Billing

Where can I find a receipt for my Pro / Premium purchase?

Head to your Subscription Manager and you will see a list of all of your previous invoices. These can be downloaded as PDF files for your records.

How do I completely delete my account?

You can delete your account by heading to your Security Manager page and clicking the Delete My Account link. Please note that you won’t receive a refund for your active subscription and all of your data will be permanently lost.

What is the difference between Briefbox Pro and Briefbox Premium?

Briefbox Pro, billed as $36 for a year, gives you full access to the ever-growing library of content, but no feedback on your submissions. Briefbox Premium, billed as $72 for a year, gives you full access to all content along with personalised feedback on all your submissions to help you improve quicker as a designer

Can I upgrade from a Pro account to a Premium account?

You can upgrade your account from Pro to Premium at any time via the Upgrade page. The cost of upgrading from Pro to Premium is $36 and the upgrade will last until your subscription expires.

Can I downgrade from a Premium account to a Pro account?

No, we do not offer account downgrades as we do not offer subscription refunds.

Can I cancel my subscription and get a refund?

You can cancel your subscription but please bare in mind that we do not offer subscription refunds. Once subscribed to Briefbox, you instantly gain access to all higher-tier content. Refunding that subscription would essentially mean giving high-tier content away for free. Everyone loves free stuff, but our premium content has been painstakingly written and researched by industry professionals, which isn’t cheap.


How do I stop my subscription from automatically renewing?

You can enable or disable autorenew from your Subscription Manager.

Community Forum

How do I create a post in the Community Forum?

Head to the Community page and click the Create a Post button. You must be logged in to create a community post.

How do I edit a post I have made on the forum?

If you head to the post you have created you will easily be able to edit your post by selecting edit under the title.

How do I create a new topic on the forum?

We are in the process of creating some set topics for the forum, if you have some suggestions for topics please contact us at info@briefbox.me

Series & Learning Paths

What are series?

Series are curated collections of briefs, resources and tutorials to help you improve in specific disciplines of design. Upon completing a series you are awarded with a badge for your hard work.

What are learning paths?

Learning paths are your own collections of favourite briefs and resources, you can add as many items as you like to your learning path and a badge is awarded for every 5 items completed. This helps push you to complete the content and gives incentives to finish reading resources or submit to briefs.

How are series constructed?

The items in series vary depending on what the series focuses on. Most series are a combination of briefs and resources structured in such a way that help guide you to improve your skills by first reading a tutorial followed by practice briefs to complete after.

How Long does it take to complete each series?

Some series can be completed much quicker than others. For example the Essential Reading series which is a collection of industry guides can be completed in a few hours. A series containing a variety of briefs and guides will take longer.

How many briefs and resources can I add to my learning path?

You can add up to 30 briefs and resources to your learning path, although we suggest having no more than 15 so you can complete them in manageable amounts.

How will I stay motivated to complete the items in my learning path?

We’ve introduced a badge system to automatically reward you for every 5 briefs you complete in your learning path and we’ll send you a progress update once a week to keep you motivated and update you of your stats.


How do I submit to briefs?

After you’ve setup your account and are logged in, head to any brief and click the submit to brief button, here you will find the submit page. You’ll need to add a title, any tags, a description for your artwork and recommended size for upload is 800px wide by 600px high.

How do I edit or delete one of my submissions?

After you have submitted to a brief you will be redirected to the submission itself, here you will see the edit button which will give you option to edit that submission or the delete button to permanently delete it. If you want to edit a past submission, head to your profile > past submissions > select the submission you wish to edit and when viewing this submission logged in you will see the edit or delete button.

Some submissions from other users are placed onto mock-ups, will my submission be automatically placed onto a mock-up?

We encourage our users to find, place and upload designs onto submissions themselves. We don’t offer any automatically mock-up features as learning how to place artwork onto mock-ups is a skill designers must learn for themselves.


How are the briefs written?

We run a live design agency alongside Briefbox and the briefs we write are inspired by some of the real projects we receive at our studio. This offers a new and unique way of real style learning for aspiring designers.

Are the briefs for real paying clients?

No the briefs are never for real or paying clients, they are completely fictional briefs that we have created to offer a new and unique way of learning how to design. By working on projects that are as close as possible to what professional designers work on in their career this emulates the experience of being a freelancer or working at an agency.

What happens to my artwork when I submit and i do I still own any copyright?

Your artwork will always be 100% owned by you the designer. We never take ownership of any submissions and always credit any designer who submits the original artwork.


What are badges awarded for?

Badges are awarded for community engagement, series completion and self development achievements. You can find the full list of available badges here

How can I earn more badges?

You can find out more about what badges are awarded for here. Being more active in the community with likes, comments and feedback will provide you more badges and the more briefs, series and resources you complete will up your badge count significantly.

Briefbox Pro and Briefbox Premium

What is Briefbox Pro?

Briefbox pro priced at $4.50 per month offers full access to the ever growing collection of briefs, resources and tutorials but no feedback or tips on your design submissions.

What is Briefbox Premium?

Briefbox Premium priced at $9 per month offers full access to the ever growing collection of briefs, resources and tutorials but with the added feature of  feedback, tips and priority support with all your submissions.

Can I upgrade from a Pro account to a Premium account?

You can upgrade your account from Pro to Premium at any time via the Upgrade page. The cost of upgrading from Pro to Premium is $36 and the upgrade will last until your subscription expires.

Can I downgrade to Pro from Premium?

You can easily downgrade from Pro to Premium at any time simply head to the upgrade page and change your subscription there.

Feedback & Tuition

How detailed is the feedback given on each of my submissions?

Our tutors generally spend round 15-20 minutes on each submission (if required). Sometimes our students will submit very strong artwork and will not require as much feedback notes given. We have been known to spend upto 30 minutes on some submissions if we feel there are some helpful tips specific to that design we can offer.

How quickly will I receive feedback after I submit a design?

We aim to give feedback no later than 7 days after the submission is made. At peak times, during school or college holidays when we see a higher submission count this can take a little longer but rest assured we will always get back with helpful feedback on all your submissions as a premium account holder.

Abuse on Briefbox

My work is on Briefbox without my consent. What do I do?

If you’re the owner of work that has been submitted to Briefbox without your consent, you can submit a take down request by contacting us info@birefbox.me . Please provide details of the unlawful submission including a link to the relevant artwork and evidence of your ownership.

How do I report inappropriate content or bad behaviour on Briefbox?

Please contact us as info@briefbox.me if you find anything abusive or suspicious posted on Briefbox and we will remove it immediately.