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From a new grad's perspective: making the most of your uni experience

It’s that time of year again. With all of the festivals, late night BBQs, and travels slowly coming to an end, it’s an indication that summer is passing and the uni term is about to begin. The once, quiet towns are getting an influx of students ready and willing to learn. A lot of you are probably returning to uni or just about to start this new chapter of your life in the next few weeks and as a recent graduate, I thought I would share some tips based on my time at university.

At an art and design school, there are plenty of cool facilities to use right at your disposal so be sure to take advantage of them! The great thing about design is all the creative processes you get to use – your work doesn’t have to be purely digital so you get to explore a breadth of techniques. You get to use old techniques such as letterpress and printmaking which you can apply to your work. I even had a fun enterprise module where we got to design, manufacture, and sell our products. Through this, we got the opportunity to use letterpress, digital stitch, and printmaking processes to create our products which was an exciting way to explore new techniques and be expressive.

1. Do not feel inclined to continuously work on your laptop all day

Remember that you can gain inspiration beyond the studio. I imagine your library has a ton of interesting books and magazines to read so be sure to check them out. In my first year of uni, they also had us go on a type hunt where you explore the city and take photos of any interesting typography. This another great way to not only gain inspiration for design projects, but also allows you to explore the area you’re living in through a new perspective.

2. Don’t be so hard on yourself

Often times, we are our own worst critic and although I do think a bit criticism shows your self awareness, you should also recognise when you’re doing really well! You have the talent and the passion. All you need to do is believe in yourself.

3. Go out there and make friends!

Join clubs, get involved with your Student Union, and have fun. University is more than obtaining a degree. It’s the entire experience- gaining independence, making memories, discovering your creative style, and lifelong friendships. Some of my closest friends were made during university and I am very grateful to have them in my life. So good luck with the rest of your studies – you got this!


Written by Dwida Sujani